The only requirement for installation of version Build 8031 IBM iAccess is Admin privileges on the workstation to perform the install. It will install for all users, and it will install a 32bit or 64bit version based on the computer’s configuration. This installer is available through a link on (it will read, ‘IBM System I Install: Click Here’).

Once the installer is download, right click on the file and select ‘Run as administrator’. The installer is silent, so when you run it, wait until all command prompt windows have left the desktop before moving on.

To create new print sessions, please download the program at the link, ‘Create Gold Printer’, on When you run this, you will see the following window (this also requires admin privileges).

The printer name should have already been created, so input that here. Then you will see:

Credit unions that use ProDoc through Network Services will use options 2 through 5 (as listed above) for Receipts and Loans.  2 and 4 are for 32bit PCs, and 3 and 5 are for 64bit PCs.

Credit unions who work with eDoc will use 6 and 7.

All other sessions should use 1 (General/Check).


Print Sessions

The new print session shortcut will look like the following:

When launching print sessions, you will see the standard login prompt, as pictured below:

After signing in, you should see a green highlight indicating that your session is connected: