Network Services Managed Clients

For CU*Answers managed clients, you don’t have to do anything! Clients managed by Network Services will have this update pushed out to your workstations and installed automatically.
Non-Managed Clients

The update file will be made available on your GUAPPLE. You will be able to download it from http://<guappleip>/install85.exe (<guappleip> will need to be replaced with the IP address of your GUAPPLE). This will need to be installed on all workstations that utilize CU*BASE GOLD. Administrator privileges are required to run the installer.

If you need assistance finding the IP address of your GUAPPLE, require additional assistance the installation, or have any questions, please reach out to Network Services at 616-285-5711 x266 or

Verifying the Update

To verify that the update was successful, navigate to the C:\CUBASE\ folder. There should be Legasuite8-5 folder present. If not, please contact Network Services.  

Also use the related links below to learn about Tool #393: GOLD Release/Hardware Inquiry in CU*BASE. This tool will show the current LegaSuite Client version (among other things) for all of your credit union's workstations.
IMPORTANT: You must log into CU*BASE at least once on each workstation after performing the upgrade in order for the record in this dashboard to reflect the new version. Just launching a GOLD session isn't enough; you must get all the way to the CU*BASE home page.

TIP: An individual user can verify the version by logging into CU*BASE GOLD, clicking the ? button at the bottom of any screen, and choosing About This Application.  You'll see the LegaSuite version in the bottom of the information window that appears (should read 8.5.4).