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  • 1. If I want to give someone else access to my PC so they can take over my teller workstation for the rest of the day, can I just turn off auto-security and have them reactivate it themselves, or do I have to log off?
    Deactivating auto-security then reactivating it does require you to enter a different employee ID. After a password is entered to reactivate auto-security under that ID, the screen will refresh the tools display to show which ones can be accessed and which cannot. However, it doesn't necessarily refresh all of that employee's other preferences such as color theme or tool set (Favorites vs. All My Tools). Therefore it's best to just log off and have the next user log in to complete  More...
  • 2. How do I change the background scheme of my CU*BASE GOLD screens?
    Click the My Preferences button (a star) in the upper-right corner of the CU*BASE home page and choose from one of the available Color themes. Use Enter when done to save. Themes are tied to your CU*BASE employee ID, so you will see that theme even if you log into CU*BASE from a different workstation.
  • 3. What is the CU*BASE Online Banking solution?
    CU*BASE utilizes the It's Me 247 Online Banking system. CU*Answers owns the intellectual software rights to It's Me 247, ensuring a regular development strategy that is tightly aligned with CU*BASE delivery features, and a product that offers a consistent presentation theme with the rest of the CU*BASE system for promoting service to members. Online Banking It's Me 247
  • 4. What are Site Options and how are they used?
    Site options are page styles you can select to customize how It's Me 247 looks. In It's Me 247 click on the Preferences badge, and display My Site Options . We have three choices to build the online banking experience that's appealing to you. Variations are selected from My Photo Album, My Color Theme, and My Start Page.
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