Make sure that drivers for the printer are loaded on the PC on which you are building the session.
Test the drivers by printing a windows test page unless you are using a thermal receipt printer. DO NOT SEND WINDOWS TEST PAGES TO THERMAL RECEIPT PRINTERS!
Once you know the printer is set up correctly, then perform the following steps:

1)   Go to Start>Programs>IBM Client Access Express>Emulator>Start or Configure Session.
2)   Select Configure.
3)   Set the System Name to WESCPROD.CUBASE.ORG
4)   Set Specify Workstation ID to the name of the printer.
5)   Switch emulation type from Display to Printer.
6)   Click Setup.
7)   Set the 'Transform Print Data' options. If you are unsure what settings to use for this particular printer, call the Systems Team
       at CU*Answers.
8)   Click >OK, click> OK again, and set to 'Prompt Every Time' if necessary.
9)   Sign on to the printer.

10)   Click File>Printer Setup. Highlight the correct print drivers in the printer window, and click OK.
11) Click File>Save, change *.ws to the printer ID, click OK.
12) Click Yes when asked to save an icon; use the default.
13) Copy the shortcut from Start>Programs>IBM Client Access>Emulator to the All Users Desktop.

Open the print session and test. Bear in mind that you may need to go into your device library and repoint devices to the printer.

To configure the printer to process print screens (rather than printing a report or document),  you will need to call the
Systems Team at CU*Answers. They will be able to make the necessary settings for those sessions.