The first step is to call the Network Services Department at CU*Answers for assistance (1-800-327-3478 x3).


The Gold-Master must be renamed prior to adding the GUAPPLE to the network. To add the GUAPPLE to the network follow these simple instructions:

  1. Find a location for the GUAPPLE that is out of the way, has an electrical outlet nearby and a connection to your network available.
  2. Once the location has been found, remove the GUAPPLE from the packaging and set it up using the supplied vertical placement stands.  Please make sure that there is at least 1 inch of clearance on each side of the GUAPPLE.  Also, make sure that the circular vent is pointing up.  This is to ensure proper airflow through the unit for cooling.
  3. Connect the GUAPPLE to the network by plugging one end of the supplied Ethernet cable, or one of adequate length, into the GUAPPLE and the other end into the network access port.
  4. Press the power button; make sure that the green LED on the front of the GUAPPLE is on.
  5. Call the Network Services Department at 1-800-327-3478 x3 to initialize service and verify connectivity from CU*Answers.

Congratulations! Your new GUAPPLE is set up and ready to go.


Look for the following items in the GUAPPLE box: 

  • AC Power Cord
  • 7’ Ethernet Cable
  • 2 rubber feet so the unit can be positioned vertically

NOTE:  If you mount the unit vertically, remember to position the round vents on the side of the unit in the upright position.  If this step is not followed, the unit may overheat, causing intermittent operation and/or hardware failure.  Not allowing for proper ventilation will void the hardware warranty.


CU*Answers Network Services recommends plugging the GUAPPLE into a high-quality surge suppressor or UPS unit if possible.