Absolutely! As a credit-union owned CUSO, CU*Answers promotes an open dialogue with its clients and actively searches for new ways for clients to communicate as peers. A few of these strategies include: 
  • CU*BASE Peer Analysis Guide - a document developed annually to review select CU*BASE client information and products they are using. This information is very useful for contacting other CU*BASE clients to determine how specific products were implemented, staff training philosophy, product success strategies, marketing tools used, etc.  
  • Focus Group Participation - at any given time, CU*Answers traditionally has 2-3 active Focus Groups meeting on a regular basis. This client interaction is invaluable for sharing ideas with peers, learning industry trends, and working closely with CU*Answers in developing future products. Approximately 80% of all CU*BASE product development is as a result of new ideas brought from clients, and Focus Group participation is an integral part of this dialogue.
  • CU*Answers University - during any year, CU*Answers typically participates in over 1,000 client education interactions. Not only do these sessions provide valuable internal staff education, but also provide the perfect forum for interacting with other credit union peers and CU*Answers staff for considering and presenting new ideas to CU*Answers. Individual client Workshops and Labs may also be scheduled at either CU*Answers or your credit union as desired, providing additional learning opportunities and a dedicated forum for sharing of ideas.  
  • Idea Form - CU*Answers provides the opportunity for clients to submit new ideas using this form. Every one of these forms are reviewed by CU*Answers Management Team members. Most importantly, CU*Answers will tell a client right away if an idea or enhancement presented can be slated for development within the next 6 months, rather than be left wondering. Once a project is submitted, client can use the Monitor web tool to track its ongoing progress.