CU*Answers sees clients on a very regular basis. One of the first responses we often hear from a converted CU*BASE client is that they have never before had the level of interaction with their data processing partner that they receive from CU*Answers. Much of this personal contact occurs as an extension of our CUSO business model, including CU*Answers University education offerings, CU*BASE Focus Group participation, CU*Answers-sponsored workshops and comprehensive software enhancement updates.  Indeed, the vendor-client model provided  between CU*Answers and its clients is unique and not traditionally found.        
Following a conversion to CU*BASE, an initial visitation schedule will be developed with your CU*Answers Conversion Coordinator. This will include a blueprint detailing immediate follow-up strategies, including first month-end and/or quarter-end.  These follow-up visits include a combination of ongoing staff training and  implementing new CU*BASE tools.
Future visits will be based on the type of call. These will encompass a variety of CU*Answers team members, including Sales and Marketing, Client Services/Account Management staff, Systems and WESCO Net, CU*Answers Management Team members and more. Additionally, with local and regional CU*Answers education offerings, Client Focus Group participation and much more, it is not unusual for CU*Answers to see clients several times each month. In general, it is expected that CU*Answers will visit with a participating client on at least a quarterly basis. Additionally, individual client workshops and or custom labs may also be scheduled at either CU*Answers or the credit union at any time.   
Our Client Services team has also implemented its One Step Ahead program. This program is a direct client contact program with the goal of contacting CU*BASE clients by phone at least once every 60-90 days to review various issues of interest. 
For CU*BASE clients, personal visits from a wide variety of CU*Answers team members quickly becomes the norm, not the exception.