AC/PRE/ZIP stands for Area Code / Prefix / Zip Code. IDENTITY CHEK looks at a table of zip codes and the area code / prefix combinations ('prefix' is the first three digits of the seven-digit phone number) assigned to that zip code. With all the changes in area codes occurring, sometimes a legitimate phone number won't show up on the table. This typically occurs either when a new subdivision is created, when a change occurs in zoning or when a new area code is implemented.
The good news is, there are two ways to change the tables. If the IDENTITY CHEK system sees an AC/PRE/ZIP combination not on the table ten times, after the tenth time it will automatically be added to a special file for your credit union as a valid combination, and will no longer give you that warning. The second way to change the table is to send an email to with the inquiry number involved in the warning, and any supporting information showing why you feel it is a valid exception to the table. Client Support will add that combination to the table as part of the next monthly update.