The AnswerBook content affords several benefits not available from other providers. In addition to being written in language that is easy to understand, our knowledge pack items provide the following unique benefits:

1.    Better reinforcement of your brand and better user experience. You want the content to look like it is part of your site and part of your delivery.  Personal finance content can help your consumers appreciate the breadth of your financial knowledge and services offered.  The AnswerBook's knowledge packs seamlessly integrate into your Web site so they are viewed as your content and provide the proper reinforcement for your hard-earned brand!

2.    Tightly integrated with your knowledge base content and products and services:  The AnswerBook's knowledge pack content resides in the same knowledge base with knowledge items about your products and services. You can also create your own personal finance knowledge items that reside side-by-side with ours.  In addition, you have control over each individual knowledge pack item, so you can quickly and easily link your consumers from information about buying a home to your mortgage products, insurance products, rates and applications. 

3.    Information more focused on user needs:  Your consumers may not have the time to read through broad articles, and instead just want to get an answer to a question.  The knowledge packs let your consumers quickly find their answers and then link to broader content as they see fit.  In addition, all relevant personal finance content and calculators are cross-linked for you.   

4.    Fast and easy to find exactly what your consumers are looking for:  Your consumers have all the rich and intuitive search facilities to quickly find what they are looking for. 

5.    Consumers continually help improve the content:  . As with all of the knowledge items in your AnswerBook, users can rate the personal finance content.  Leveraging the power of feedback from consumers across the country is a powerful component to ensure that our knowledge packs add value.    

6.    Consumers automatically directed back to your Web site:  The AnswerBook's knowledge base alerts allow your consumers to request to be notified when changes are made to individual questions, categories or groups of information they care about.  Alerts allow your consumers to stay up on topics of interest and allow you to continually direct them back into your online delivery channel.  You both win!

7.    Educational content providing the necessary foundation for ages 12 to 112:  Knowledge packs include "The Money Express", which is a unique approach to helping kids and adults alike learn about important personal finance concepts in a fun and non-intimidating way.

8.    Capture rich consumer knowledge for permission-based targeted marketing:  With our targeted marketing analytics, you have the ability to create permission-based target marketing mailing lists based on content viewed (knowledge packs and your own knowledge items); alerts set; and types of questions asked.       

NOTE:   Although our knowledge pack content includes links to other relevant Web sites to ensure that your consumers can quickly find what they are looking for,  we are very careful to not link to sites that offer competing products and services.