The key is communication. CU*Answers uses the CU*BASE Alerts page as well as direct email or fax notifications where appropriate to let credit unions know when we are making changes to Online Banking.

For the credit union it is much trickier. What kind of alerts should you put in place for members? Members are often unaware of changes or interruptions because they simply were not using the product or feature that changed, or were not trying to be online during the interruption. So do you broadcast an upcoming change ahead of time, putting everyone on alert, or do you record the changes and promote new features after the fact? It is a tough call.

Bottom line: Trust that your Internet members are savvy and that they experience the same issues with their other favorite web sites and products. Internet members are aware that the Internet is constantly changing. The configurations of equipment, various vendors and new software releases require patience, reconfiguration, and new learning. It is all about evolution: if you communicate that you wish to evolve with your members to provide better service to improve their lives, they will respond positively.