As a 100% credit union owned CUSO, led by a Board of Directors representing seven credit union CEO's, the focus placed upon client support, education and user satisfaction is the motivation that drives CU*Answers each and every day. 
First, the CU*Answers model begins with the principle that it is an extension of the credit union staff, with the same underlying goals, strategic challenges, and focus as credit union professional. By always remembering that everyone is vested in the success of the member service offering - not the sale of software, a purchase order for new hardware, or a long list of new credit union conversions - CU*Answers focus stays with its clients and their members. 
This is just one of the Partner/ Vendor Model philosophies that CU*Answers adheres to. Other core strategies include:  
The Value of Equity... guided by the principle that CU*Answers is an extension of the credit union staff, with the same goals, strategic challenges and focus as credit union professionals.  
A Focus on Utilization... from receptionist to CEO, CU*Answers goal is that every credit union staff member becomes a power user.
Be the Best You Can Be...working with credit unions, examiners, auditors and industry professionals to ensure that CU*Answers solutions pass the test.
First to Implement...providing resources that help all CU*Answers clients move to new strategies and offerings.
Return on unions enjoy the benefits of ownership and earn income on their investment throughout the development of new CU*Answers solutions.
Guaranteeing the Difference...the CU*Answers model is about challenging solutions, both technical and human, to clearly separate our efforts from other credit union alternatives.
Access to Business Opportunities...CU*Answers consistently leverages its CUSO clout by opening doors to opportunities that its partner credit union could not open by themselves. Once accessible, CU*Answers aggregates the potential and resources of our partners for adding to the financial strength and value of its clients and partners, versus simply selling solutions. 
Marketplace Competitive Standards...CU*Answers sets the standard for competitive values and offerings in the data processing marketplace. Through the combined success of CU*Answers, its clients and its solutions can CU*Answers constantly change the way other data processors offer services to credit unions. It is CU*Answers ongoing commitment and goal to benefit the credit union industry through its leveraged CUSO influence.      
CU*Answers works to ensure that the marketplace recognizes it as a vendor whose evolution and development is based on the needs of credit unions and their members, more than the goals of a data processing firm...