CU*Answers and Xtend are two distinct companies, although they are both CUSOs and maintain a close business partner relationship.  CU*Answers is an Xtend owner, with the other equal owners being credit unons.  Moreover, one seat on the Xtend Board of Directors is occupied by a member of the CU*Answers Executive Team in accordance with the Xtend Bylaws.  Xtend currently leases both office space and administrative support from CU*Answers.
Conversely, CU*Answers is the largest customer of Xtend services.  Xtend's SRS Bookkeeping Services team provides help desk support for the CU*Answers Client Services team.  The SRS team is also involved in supporting all In-house Credit Conversions for CU*Answers, as well as providing back-office conversion support for the CU*Answers Conversion team. Moreover, CU*Answers will undoubtedly become a major user of Xtend's Call Center services ("Xtension"), as well as its Member Reach business unit.
Xtend strategic initiatives often parallel those of CU*Answers because Xtend's value to its owners is as an aggregator for credit unions based on their shared data processing platform.  Xtend intiatives focus on bringing value to the credit union and ultimately to the member through shared resources, shared staff, and shared marketing outreach, as well as through the ability to promote and deliver economies of scale to prospective vendors based on this aggregation.