Assuring quality for an Internet product like Online Banking is much more challenging than CU*BASE product releases. CU*BASE is based on a partnership between CU*Answers and the credit union, where hardware and software specifications can be more easily controlled and agreed to by both parties. Online Banking, on the other hand, involves multiple partners and factors that can affect the product’s performance: member skill levels, browser software performance, Internet Service Provider issues, and varying degrees of communications speed and quality.

CU*Answers makes considerable investments in quality control resources and beta test environments that take into account as many different variables as possible. We do our utmost to test and ensure that releases are error free. We recognize how much your members come to rely on home banking and similar services, and we do not take that trust lightly. But nothing is perfect. Whether a problem stems from an external source like browser software, communications line, or a malfunctioning PC, or whether something unforeseen happens to the software we maintain, issues will sometimes arise. Our promise is to respond quickly and always to learn from each experience so that we get closer and closer to that ideal.