Step 1 in the process is made up of 7 Filters.  These filters include credit score, Debt Ratio, length of employment, length of residence, Presence of bankruptcy, presence of chargeoffs, presence of collections.  These can be configured by each credit union based on there preferences.

Step 2 Once a request has passed the Filters noted above then the request enters the automated decisioning matrix.  The matrix looks at bureau based attributes and scores the overall report based on those specified attributes.  Once a 247 Score is returned the approval levels within CUBASE are then accessed to return a final approval or denial based on the configured levels of 1-5 Approval Levels, 97 Failed Filter, 98 Thin File (less than 3 trades open active in past 18 months), 99 Model Failed.

If you need help turning this on it is one of the CMS Just Turn It On projects. Contact us for details.