The following old special Comment codes are no longer valid now that your credit data is being reported using the Metro 2 format:
  • BU
  • BV
  • BW
  • BX
  • BY
  • CA
  • CB

Instead, use the Consumer Information Indicator field on the loan account to report bankruptcy.  This can be changed using Tool #20 "Update Account Information" on the loan account (click the Credit Reporting Info button to display the the Credit Bureau Reporting Information screen).

NOTE:  You only need to report bankrtupcy once.  If the bankruptcy indicator needs to be removed, you must send one of the valid removal codes to remove bankrtupcy from the member's records (in other words, leaving the indicator field blank does not remove previously-reported codes).

Use the link below to learn more about how to handle a member that has declared bankruptcy.

If you do not know what codes to use for a particular account, we recommend you contact your credit bureau representative for assistance determining appropriate codes. Another resource we have found helpful in some cases is the Consumer Data Information Association ( CU*BASE Client Service Representatives can assist with any software-related difficulties but are not qualified to make decisions about how your loan accounts should be reported.