In addition to standard operating procedures, checklists, and ongoing training and oversight, the software tools that our Operators use have some built-in controls that help warn about potential errors, such as double-posting a share draft file, posting an incomplete file, and similar issues. 

A share draft file cannot be pulled in ("received") if:

  • There is more than one transmission for the same processor with the same file date.
  • There are active records (awaiting posting) in the posting file (DFTTRN).

Once an incoming file has been translated, records will not be copied to the posting file if:

  • The total of the detail records do not match the total records in the file.
  • The totals exactly match a total from the last 7 days of summary stats (will warn as "suspect" amount).

Once a draft file has been posted:

  • The records in the posting file are changed from an "A" status to a "D" status.  The posting program will only post "A" records, which means that same file cannot be posted twice.