PIB provides a layered security approach to add additional authentication controls for Online Banking.  PIB, which stands for Personal Internet Branch, is an independent application that provides multiple, configurable controls that govern how Online Banking behaves and what members can do with access to it.

PIB allows your members to control access to their accounts with controls by feature, day of week, time of day, and even geographic location.  It layers additional passwords and member authentication internal to Online Banking

Your credit union can configure default PIB settings for your members, and you can even decide just how much control you want your members to have in managing their own settings. 

CU*Answers designed PIB to go far beyond just complying with the latest regulatory expectations and provide some real value to your members.  It’s a powerful feature.  It does some really cool things.  It’s something new and probably very different from what most of your members have ever seen before. 

But with that power comes necessary complexity and the need for careful consideration.  Make sure you go in with your eyes wide open.