Transfer Control means that a member must tell you the account numbers where he or she would like to be able to transfer funds in Online Banking and Audio Banking.  (The same transfer control lists is used by both systems.)  Remember that these are accounts that will receive funds from the member's own account. 

If transfer control is activated, a member will not be able to specify an account number when transferring; instead, he will choose from a drop-down list of names (not account numbers) from his configured transfer control list. 

You will need to decide how members can set up their transfer control lists: whether they must contact  the CU to do so, or whether you will allow them to use their PIB Profile to set up their own transfer control list. (This means a member must log in to his PIB Profile; the changes cannot be done from within Online Banking.)

  1. For online credit unions, contact a Client Service Representative or complete the It's Me 247 Configuration Change Request Form (see the link below; requires Microsoft Word) to activate both the "Inter-member transfers allowed" and "Use transfer control" flags.  For self processors, this is done using the ARU/Online Banking Configuration feature on the OPER menu MNOP09.
  2. Set up transfer control lists for members using Tool #883 "Update ARU/Online Banking Transfer Ctrl." 
    (NOTE: If you wish, custom programming can be set up to flood member accounts with a list of account numbers to which they have transferred funds in the past, by reading your transaction history.  Contact a CSR for a quote for this special job request.) 
  3. Review your PIB Profile settings (Tool #569 Online/Mobile/Text Banking VMS Config").  PIB lets you decide whether to let members set up their own Transfer Control lists in the PIB Profile website.   If you wish to control transfers lists yourself, the "Member can update transfer control list in PIB" flag should be deactivated in this configuration.

IMPORTANT:  If you have already activated PIB and your members have a PIB profile, remember that the ability to perform inter-member transfers is controlled by the member's individual PIB profile settings.  So if inter-member transfers was not turned on in your credit union's default PIB profile, or if an individual member modified his or her own profile to deactivate inter-member transfers, then the "transfer to other member accounts" feature would not be visible in It's Me 247.