To test the pen independently, you can use any standard compact battery-operated or plug-in AM/FM radio. Follow these steps:

 a. Turn radio on to the AM band

 b. Move dial to about 550 (or 55, depending on radio controls); between stations is best, where there is static

 d. Bring the pen up to the radio, and depress the tip directly on radio's surface, about 1 to 2 inches from antenna (if there is no antenna, on the speaker grill will work also).

If pen is working, the radio will emit a high-pitched interference noise. If the pen is not working, or if the batteries are bad, nothing will happen. If pen does not function, try replacing the pen's two batteries (found within the cap on the back of the pen). Battery type is 393, 1.5v "hearing aid"-type batteries. Additionally, make sure batteries are not loose in the battery chamber when installed.

Once it has been determined that both the Topaz Serial tablet and Pen are properly powered, the tablet connection to the CPU should be checked.