In CU*BASE Release 7.5 (February 2008), we released an improvement to the way Trackers are set up so that there could be a one-on-one link between a closed account record and any Tracker notes that were attached to that account.  (Previously, the old Tickler system did not provide this type of link, so you would see the same tickler on more than one closed account at the same time!)  

For accounts closed after that change was implemented, the system now automatically ties the Tracker to the account by way of a closed account sequence number.  However, any old Tickler/Tracker data that existed prior to that change did not have that sequence number tying the two together.  So we ran a special routine that established links between accounts that were closed previously and Trackers that didn't have a closed account sequence number. In a nutshell, where no link existed, we simply tied any "loose" Trackers to the most recently-closed account with that same account base and suffix. That took care of the vast majority of unlinked Tracker records.

The only exceptions will be in cases where the same account suffix has been reused. Say, for example, that a member had a closed loan 1234-776 and also has a current loan 1234-776. All Trackers for account 1234-776 will still be tied to the current, open account, and the closed loan will have NO trackers associated with it. Or let's say the same member had two loans, both with the same suffix, both closed. All Trackers would be tied to the most recently closed of those two accounts. (TIP: If you wanted, you could add a new conversation note to these Trackers that explains this.)

The same thing would happen if the same account base was reused, although this generally happens very rarely in most credit unions. In this case old Trackers from the previous membership would be linked to the current, open membership. Again, you could update the Tracker to add a new conversation note to explain this as you run across these situations.