To set the COM Port of a signature pad in ProDOC, you can either go through the interface (preferred) via:

  • Right click on the ProDOC icon in the system tray click on Setup.
  • On the General tab select the port from the "Use Signature Pad Connected To:" drop down.

OR directly through the .ini file by:

  • Opening the prodoc.ini file located in the  program files\doclogic\ProDOC\prodoc.ini
  • Find the line that reads: Pad=x and change it to read Pad=(COM port)
    • For example if your pad is on COM2 then you would set the line to read: Pad=2

If the Drivethru option is equal to 1 and multiple pads are in use there is a "canisters" tab under ProDOC setup utilized for this purpose.