The Audit Tracker is simply a special type of Member Tracker.  Trackers are used throughout CU*BASE to keep track of member communications, contacts, and events, for an ongoing record of the member's relationship with your credit union.

The Audit Tracker is specifically designed to record events for your credit union's internal auditors.  This includes things like BSA-related activities, OFAC scans, and the like.  See the flyer referenced below for a current list of items recorded automatically in the Audit Tracker.  Your staff can also record notes in the Audit Tracker, such as if an OFAC scan finds a suspected hit, your staff can record what steps were taken and explain if there was a mismatch.  Like any other Tracker, you cannot delete or edit a note once it has been added to the Audit Tracker, so it becomes a permanent record for that member, even after they close their membership with the CU.  Also, because it is a Tracker, you can assign followups to any note in the Audit Tracker so other employees can take care of necessary tasks.

The system will create one Audit Tracker record as needed for a member, then subsequent events will simply add notes to that same Tracker.