Ever wondered just how many times members really do call up and ask that their online banking password be reset?  Might seem like some members call every other day, but until now there wasn’t really an easy way to tell. The new PIN/Password Change History tool was designed to answer that question quickly and easily, whether for one member or for all members as a trend.

When accessed via Tool #14 "Member Personal Banker," you will see just a single member’s history, which should be helpful if you are talking to a member on the phone.  When accessed via Tool #505 "Member PIN/Password Change History," you can view all members whose password has been disabled, changed, or reset, and group them by reason code, Employee ID, date range, and more to analyze trends.

TIP: You can create additional Reason Codes as you wish (Tool #268 "Config PIN/PW Reset Reason Codes"), to help you better track why members are requesting resets and to see if there are trends you might be able to address through education or marketing efforts.