If you: A) automatically deactivate online banking access for all new members, and B) expire online banking passwords due to non-use after 90 days, then how do you run an online banking promotion? After all, sending a marketing piece to members won't do any good if they're disabled or locked out from logging in.  Of course you could have them call the credit union to get set up, but here's another idea:

Set up a special promotional period! 

  1. Pick a date to start your campaign.
  2. Advertise an "open enrollment" period that is the same length as your normal non-use expiration period (such as 90 days).
  3. In advance of the starting date, ask a CSR to enter that date into the Promotion Period field on your Online Banking Configuration.
  4. Starting on that date, members will be able to log in even if they haven't logged in ever before, letting them get a taste for the online banking experience and allowing them to set up private passwords and security questions.
  5. Once the period ends, you don't need to do anything - members who didn't try it during the period will again be locked according to your normal settings.

What have you got to lose? Try it out and see just how many members you can turn into online members!