The differences ultimately come down to control and cost.

The online ASP system is the fastest, simplest, most inexpensive way to get started with an e-documents strategy for your credit union. With online ASP you offload the back-end service management headaches to CU*Answers. We manage, backup, secure, and patch/upgrade the eDOC servers and databases and these processes fall under our SAS 70 and third party security audits.

The online ASP system consists of electronic storage of receipts, loans, and member Driver License scans. If this meets your needs or you are under a tight budget choose to go online. You can always switch to in-house later if your business changes and you require the added control the in-house solution offers. The migration path is that much easier because you will have already purchased the required hardware peripherals.

The in-house solution provides credit unions with the most control and flexibility over their e-documents strategy. With in-house the credit union can electronically store virtually any document types and can retain them online as long as desired. They are not limited to the three document types or fixed retention periods of the online ASP solution.

The in-house solution requires the additional purchase of server-side hardware and software components to power the solution. The credit union is responsible for installing and maintaining the supporting server physical infrastructure including network cabling, power continuance, and fire suppression, as well as ongoing server administration and maintenance such as operating system and software patches and upgrades, backups, network security, anti-virus, etc.

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