There are several steps in removing a member's Social Security number:

1) Run a global search to see what types of relationship codes the SSN has with your credit union.

2) The first relationship codes you will want to review are the 'CB' or 'JI' which mean the non-member is a co-borrower and/or joint owner on the account.  They need to be removed first.  To remove them, launch Tool #3 "Open/Maintian Memberships/Accounts," choose Update member information then Joint owners and remove them from all suffixes on which they are joint owners.  If they are listed as additional signers on a loan you must launch Tool #51 "Miscellaneous Loan Maintenance" and choose Additional signers and remove them from each loan suffix to which they are attached.

3) If the relationship code is 'NM' this means the person is in the Non-Member Database and must be removed, using Tool #997 "Work With Non-Member Database."

4) Run another Global search on the Social Security number you wish to change an account to to make sure no one is attached.

5) Now you are ready to update the Social Security number on the membership record, launch Tool #15 "Update Membership Information" and on the first general information screen use the Unlock Fields button and the Social Security number will unlock to update.

6) Then you must go back into all the menus that you remove the joint owner from or the co-borrower from and reattach them to each suffix or loan type.

The process is complete!!! Great job.