Credit union employees can communicate with a Bill Pay Customer Care Specialist via Answerbook or via phone, and members can communicate with us directly through their bill pay product.


Here are the steps for members to take (applies to credit unions on the Cooperative Model).  Please encourage your members to communicate their questions using this method:

  1. After a member has logged into Pay My Bills via It's Me 247 Online Banking, at the top of the bill pay screen is a series of gray navigation tabs.  If a member has a question on a particular payment, they need to select the Bill History tab.
  2. Here, they can scroll through their payments as far back as 180 days.  They need to find the specific payment in question and review the status. 
  3. If the status is Paid, there should be a link to the right of the status called View Detail.  The member needs to click this link, and they will find the payment detail.  It will explain how the payment was sent, when it was sent, the amount, etc. 
  4. At the bottom, there is a blurb that says “If you have any questions, please fill out a Payment Inquiry.”  They need to select the Payment Inquiry link and proceed to fill out the simple form. 
  5. The Payment Inquiry is routed to a Bill Pay Customer Care specialist who will address the issue.  We either open an investigation with Fiserv if necessary, or we'll look at their Fiserv account and answer the question ourselves.  It is important that the member fill out this Payment Inquiry because it provides us with all of the details we need to resolve the issue.