If a third party vendor is utilized with whom we have do not have a previously established relationship, programming/testing would be required. 

In addition, from time to time, changes will be needed to statement content or layout in the future, whether based on regulatory requirements or the introduction of new products and services that affect statement design or content. 

CU*Answers warrants that we will test statement output ONLY from the following vendors:

  • Sage Direct (printed statements)
  • Bridgestone (printed statements)
  • eDOC Innovations (e-statements)

We will alert credit unions of any changes being made.  We will also alert the statement vendor if we have been made aware of that vendor's contact information.  But it is entirely the credit union's responsibility to ensure that the vendor makes the proper changes, tests them appropriately, and the CU signs off on the change as meeting the CU's requirements.  CU*Answers will make test files available to statement vendors upon request, but we are not responsible for testing output produced by vendors other than the ones listed here.