Infrequently, a CU may find a corporate check or money order appearing as an "INVALID ACCOUNT" on their daily member share exceptions.  The following steps should be taken to process these items correctly:
The CU will want to obtain a copy of item to confirm that it is actually a corporate check or money order. 
Then, they will want to "delete" the item from their exception list/file by changing the status of the item from an 'A' (Active) to a 'D' (Delete) - the item will remain in the list until the return file is transmitted, at which time it will be deleted.
Although this item was deleted from the exception list, the funds are still part of the Share Draft Processing Suspense G/L Balance(870.02). A manual journal entry will need to be performed to clear this item. 
The journal entry will consist of a CREDIT to the 870.02 suspense G/L and a DEBIT to the Outstanding Corporate Check or Outstanding Money Order G/L.
Finally, the corporate check or money order needs to be marked as "cleared" in the check register.  This can be accomplished using Tool # 889 "Update Check History".  Using the sort options, locate the desired check or money order.  Highlight the item and choose CHANGE.  On the detail screen, under check information change the Check Status from 'O' (Outstanding) to 'C' (Cleared) and press ENTER to save.