Reminder:  Documents must be stored on a shared drive to make them accessible to employees and other users of your portal.

1.       Open Explorer (My Computer)

2.       Navigate to the file (document) you want to link.

3.       Right click on the filename and select Properties to display a panel.

4.       Go back, to the portal and navigate to the Workgroup > Page > Island which must be a Rich Text Editor Island for this exercise.

5.       Click the Actions link in the upper left corner of the island.

6.       In the editor area, type the text you will click on to open the document.  If the text is already typed, select it so it’s highlighted.

7.       Click on the Hyperlink Manager icon  to open the panel. 

8.       At this point you will have selected the link text, which shows in the Link Text box. 

9.       Click the Type dropdown and select – file.

10.   Click the Target dropdown and select New Window.  (it will change to Target)

11.   Clear out the URL box, then paste the entire path from the Properties Panel into the URL box.  

If it helps, you can copy the full path onto a blank wordpad or even word document or email.  Just so you can see the path, including filename and make sure it is exact.  An example is shown here:         H:\2008 Goals EAP\6 Things to like about A Whole New Mind.docx 

12.   Note the URL will now change the back \ to forward / and it may add / to make /// in front of the path.

13.   Click OK, then OK, then Return to Page and test it out.

14.   Click the Link Text.  If it’s correct you will have an Open button to click on the pop-up panel.