Tool # 518 "Members Reg. E Opted In/Out/Undecided" is a canned Query that will split your membership by those opted In, then opted out, and finally those undecided. 

Any maintenance performed on the new Opt In/Opt Out flags that are within the membership and sub accounts write out to file MASTRL in FILExx, which can be queried to monitor for activity.  We suggest monitoring this daily.  Select Records of MTANROPT (Reg E Opt In/Out Flag) equal to ‘I’, and MTANROPTDT (Reg E Opt In/Out Effective Date) equal to [yesterday’s date], for example 20100706.  On a daily basis, you could update the Effective Date criteria to match the previous day’s activity and print notices for all members listed.

If you specifically want to see only those members whose records were updated to Opted In through It’s Me 247 online banking, you can add an additional criteria of MTANROPEMP (Reg E Opt In/Out Changed by Employee ID) equal to ‘96’.  This will limit your query to only those updated via online banking.