When a credit union statuses a member's card as 'HOT' or warm (Lost/Stolen/Fraud/Restricted), this information is transmitted immediately to your vendor to stop any further withdrawals/purchases being performed with that particular card. But at your vendor a 'Hot Card' is not considered to be a closed card.  When your member's card remains at a HOT or Warm card status on CU*BASE, CU*BASE is still required to send any maintenance updates such as address change, phone number, etc. to your vendor as they want the most up to date information on the member in case they need to contact them about possible fraudulent activity.

So if you close a card at your vendor by utilizing an admin terminal and still have HOT/Warm status on CU*BASE, if member information changes CU*BASE will transmit the change to your vendor and the vendor rebuilds the card on their system. This was a big problem for those credit unions who went out to the vendor, deleted card records there and then CU*BASE sent maintenance and the cards were added back.  Most vendors charge for each card record you have on file with them so credit unions were removing those that are no longer needed so they would not be charged for them.

In order for CU*BASE to perform as the vendor requires, we have an edit in place that does not allow you to close a account or membership that does not have a 'C' or closed status on any card attached to said account or membership whichever instance the user is trying to accomplish.  So, a good follow up for your credit union would be to go back on that card statused as HOT and close the card also.  In most cases the closed card is only sent in the evening as part of the batch file update sent to vendor.   (The closed card option is separate process from change card status option) 

Once you have taken the CLOSE option via Tool # 11 "ATM/Debit Card Maintenance" for a given card, CU*BASE is automatically deleting the associated PLASTIC record for you and you should be able to close your account or membership.