There are three choices.

1. Manually add the estimated finance charges to the balance of the account and have the member make the full payoff at that time. Then clear the cumulative balance on the individual buckets to ensure that there are no finance charges assessed on the account. To do this you will launch Tool #20 Update Account Information." Select the credit card account and then select F16/Chg Type Maint. Select the individual bucket and select the Maintenance action code. In the cumulative field you will show the balance over the course of the month, which divided by the cumulative days creates the average daily balance. By clearing the field out this will ensure that no finance charges are assessed. (You may also consider allowing the finance charges to assess at the end of the month and then manually clear them through account adjustment using the instructions for removing finance charges not paid found in the online credit card user guide).

2. Calculate the full payoff and have the member make the payment for that amount. This will result in a credit balance on the credit card. At the end of the month the finance charges will be applied to the balance and should offset the Mint credit balance amount, though this may vary by a few cents.

3. Have the member pay off the principal balance on the account and allow the finance charges to assess as is. Then have the member make a payment in the amount of the finance charges after they have been assessed.