The following applies only to credit unions that have activated the Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine for CU*Talk Audio Response.  You can use Tool #506 "Member Rate Maintenance" to control product rates read to members in CU*Talk Audio Response.  But keep in mind that because you are using Text-To-Speech, changes made here directly affect the credit union website and It's Me 247 online banking as well.

Once in the menu option, select shares or certificates. From the next rate menu you will see a "PC" sequence # column. Any product with a number other than zero will indicate to both audio response and online banking to display or include verbiage. To adjust the product name that is displayed/read, select the product in the list and then click "Online Banking."  The next screen will display the description and other configuration details like information or application for the Audio Response System and Online Banking.
The only way to turn off the product in audio is to zero out the number in this PC sequence # field, which will remove the product  from both the Audio Response and Online Banking.