Yes, CU*BASE has Employee Security features that let you monitor access to CU*BASE programs by any employee ID, whether CU*Answers or credit union employee.  Every time a CU*BASE program is accessed, the system records who accessed the command and when.  For CU*Answers employees, the file records the individual ID for the staff member (not the alias) so you will be able to tell who from CU*Answers was doing the work.

This file (file name SECAUD) was designed to let you see what commands an employee accessed, not what they did while they were in there. The Employee Security window where you enter your ID and password automatically records which program you accessed and when (even if you use Auto Security).  Miscellaneous programs such as Member Inquiry, Phone Operator, Teller Posting, etc., that do not use the Employee Security window, will also record access details to the audit file. 

NOTE:  Not every program that has an internal function to access Inquiry or Phone Operator features will write out a record to the SECAUD file.  Similar to our philosophy about Employee Account Security, some programs are already intended to be accessed only by your most trusted employees and do not require the extra level of monitoring.  However, we have on occasion made adjustments to specific programs based on credit union requests, in cases where an extra measure of control or due diligence monitoring is appropriate and necessary. Please let us know if you have any specific suggestions!