Yes!  After turning on global text transfer capability in the VMS configuration, Tool #569, and configuring the allowable "To" and "From" accounts for each product or loan category in CU*BASE Tool #777 and Tool #486, members can use this self-service product via their mobile device. 

Members will have to enroll in text banking, and then create custom transfer codes in order to transfer money between suffixes, as seen in the image below. 

Members can then use the configured codes to transfer, using the format below:

TRANS MYCODE 100.00 TRANS + CUSTOM CODE + AMOUNT (where the custom code is the 1-8 character code created online)
Transfers the specified amount between the accounts the member configured when setting up the custom transfer code in online banking.

TRANS MAIN MYCODE 100.00 TRANS + NICKNAME + CODE + AMOUNT (where the nickname is used by members with multiple memberships)
Transfers the specified amount between the accounts under the membership nickname specified in the transfer message. The configured account nickname is used when a member has multiple memberships at the credit union, or another credit union on CU*BASE software. Note that if a member in this situation sends a transfer request without the nickname, they will receive a message indicating they must use the configured nickname to complete the request.