As part of the monthly GUAPPLE management service, CU*Answers Network Services performs the tasks listed below.  All units are monitored 24x7 by a custom management application hosted at CU*Answers.  In addition to the daily monitoring, quarterly audits are performed against the units to ensure everything is up to spec.

Important: Fully managing the GUAPPLE(s) can only be done if all of the network requirements for the GUAPPLE are met.  Please refer to this article.
  • Security updates - all GUAPPLEs run a version of Ubuntu Linux, and the operating system is configured to automatically download and install security patches when available.  To ensure that updates are downloading and installing normally, CU*Answers performs a quarterly audit of the appliance.
  • Hardware warranty - CU*Answers maintains a warranty on the hardware and will provide replacement appliances if needed.
  • Availability - all GUAPPLEs are monitored 24x7 through a custom management application at CU*Answers.  If an appliance goes down, and it is unrelated to another outage (such as an internet or MPLS outage), CU*Answers will respond and work with the client to troubleshoot.  If a replacement unit is required, CU*Answers will configure and ship a replacement unit.
  • Product updates - all updates to GOLD and it's installation files are downloaded automatically.  When there is a GOLD release, CU*Answers audits every GUAPPLE after-hours to ensure it downloaded the update and contacts the clients with any exceptions.  To ensure that updates are downloading properly, and all configurations are at the latest revision(s), CU*Answers performs a quarterly audit of the appliance.