There are two methods used to track delinquent loans for reporting purposes in CU*BASE:

Method One (for Collections tracking)
We have always tracked delinquency in two separate fields for “Months” and ‘Days” in the member files.  When a loan is 30 days delinquent, it shows as “0 Months, 30 Days” delinquent.  When a loan is 31 days delinquent, it is “1 Month, 0 Days” delinquent.  A month is always considered 30 days regardless of the actual number of days in the month.  For example, a loan that is reviewed on 3/31/13 with a next payment date of 2/28/13 would show as “1 Month, 3 Days delinquent even though it is actually only 31 days delinquent.   

These figures are updated every day during delinquency monitoring and are stored in the MEMBER5/MEMBER6 loan account record.

The screens/reports listed below currently use the Months/Days method above for tracking delinquency:  
  • Tool #225 "Collection Parameter Configuration" (configures the delinquency aging levels)
  • Tool #338 "Delinquency Notice Configuration"
  • Tool #464 "Loan Fines Configuration"
  • Tool #637 "Print Collection Delinquency Report" (looks at delinquency aging levels)
  • Tool #666 "Print Method B Delinquency Report" 
  • Tool #679 "Print Risk Score Analysis Report" (report output based on delinquency aging levels
  • PDLQ1 – Delinquency payment/credit Activity for 11/12/12 (EOD CU*SPY) 
  • PDLQ2 – Delinquency Increase Report for 11/12/12 (EOD CU*SPY)
  • PDLQAN – Nonresponsive Delinquent Loan report (EOD CU*SPY)

Method 2 (for the NCUA 5300 Call Report)
To comply with updated NCUA requirements for reporting loan delinquency (see below*), beginning with the the 13.0 release (April/May 2013) we are updating selected reports/screens to show in days instead of months.  The system calculates the difference between the Next Payment Due Date and the Processing Date (PROCDATE) to determine the actual number of days delinquent.
*Effective June 2013, we are revising the delinquent loan schedules on pages 7 and 8 of the Call Report. Specifically, we clarified reporting requirements by changing delinquency categories from “months” to “days.” 
Old Categories June 2013
Delinquency Categories
1 to < 2 months 30 - 59 days
2 to < 6 months 60 - 179 days
6 to < 12 months 180 - 359 days
12 months and over >= 360 days
This change aligns our reporting with other federal regulators. More importantly, it eliminates confusion arising from differences in the number of days per month.

This figure is calculated on the fly at the time a report is generated or a screen is displayed.  It is not stored anywhere in loan account records.

These reports now include the following reports (last updated 8/1/2017):
  • Member Account Inquiry (delinquency popup)
  • Tool #122 "AIRES - Create Files"
  • Tool #179 "Calc/Post Adjustment for Delq Loans"
  • Tool #229 "Collections Dashboard/Summary"
  • Tool #461 "Loan Delinquency Analysis Report"
  • Tool #498 "Member Delinquency Inquiry"
  • Tool #574 "Package Loans to be Sold"
  • Tool #578 "Particip. Loan Delinquency Analysis Rpt"
  • Tool #592 "Portfolio Analysis - Concentration Risk"
  • Tool #641 "Print Dealer Member Delinquency"
  • Tool #788 "Selective Loan Information Report"
  • Tool #982 "Work Collections"