When starting ProDOC 7 for the first time, some users may encounter an error that states "USB Error: Unable to initialize signature pad."  What this indicates is that your workstation is missing a critical file that allows ProDOC to look for a signature pad.  This file needs to exist even if your workstation does not utilize a signature pad.

To correct the issue, follow these steps:
  1. Log into the workstation as an administrator
  2. Browse to your iSweep (if you need assistance browsing to your iSweep, please contact CU*Answers Network Services)
  3. Open the rdi\RDI Installation\Topaz folder on the iSweep
  4. Run the SigPlusAdjust.exe application
    1. On Windows 7, you may need to right click and "Run As Administrator"
  5. On the left column, select "SignatureGemLCD1X5"
  6. On the right, select the bullet for "HSB"
  7. Click "Update"
After following these steps, the necessary file is created on your workstation.  Restart ProDOC to confirm the error is resolved.

If you have any further issues, please contact Network Services at 800-327-3478 x266.