Yes, by making use of both a Misc. Receipts and a Misc. Expense posting code, so that you can put the funds temporarily into a G/L then issue a check from that same G/L.  Here are the key steps:
  1. First, configure two posting codes, using Tool # 534 "Misc. Posting Codes Configuration."
  • For the first one, choose the "Receipts" type and set up a code that will allow you to place funds into a G/L account.
  • For the second one, choose the "Expenses/Advances" type and set up a code that will allow you to pull those funds out to create a misc. expense check.
  1. Next, make sure that non-member teller services have been activated for your credit union, including all appropriate fees and internal policies and procedures.  Refer to the "Non-Member Teller Services" booklet for details.
  2. Then, when a non-member wants to cash a check and receive the funds back in the form of a check, use these steps:
  • You will use the usual teller procedure to cash an in-house or outside check, except that instead of entering an account number on the initial teller screen, first use the Non-Member Services button to jump to the non-member teller system.  After entering the non-member's SSN/TIN you may need to enter name and address information, if this person has not visited the credit union before.  Follow your credit union's procedures for verifying identity and validating the transaction, as usual. 
  • Using the Funds In process code, then enter the check(s) into either the outside checks or in-house drafts as usual. 
  • Instead of using Post to issue all of the funds back in cash, use the Misc. Receipts button (F8) on the main teller screen to proceed to misc. receipts.  Post all or a portion of the funds-in amount, using the Misc. Receipts posting code configured in step 1.
  • Once that has been posted, access Tool #667 "Print Miscellaneous Checks."  Post a check in the usual way, using the misc. expense code that you configured in step 1.