There are many, many components in the infrastructure that protects your member data, from passwords and daily backups to production redundancy and full-blown DR/BR plans.  One important piece of that puzzle involves the protections we put in place to control data moving between the System i and a local workstation.  Years ago no one ever imagined an employee popping a thousand member records onto a thumb drive and heading out the door.  Today we have entire teams and sophisticated tools to prevent just that. 

CU*Answers uses a special software product designed to watch over that flow of data.  This tool controls data coming from CU*BASE and being downloaded to a PC, as well as when data from an external source is uploaded to populate CU*BASE database files.  The iShield Security application tool enforces the rules that secure your data against unauthorized downloads or uploads.  iShield Security works seamlessly behind the scenes to secure and safeguard your entire CU*BASE member database with some of the most sophisticated intrusion prevention tools available on the market today. iShield provides checks and balances on your employees to protect both them and your business.

For your auditors, iShield generates two reports.  One is a daily activity report showing upload/download activity and user IDs. The other is a monthly summary recap for your auditors, showing all of the users who have authority for uploads and downloads, whether they actually performed any or not. To locate both reports in CU*Spy, search for report name LSECAUD.
You can also review user authorization via Tool #1355 Download/Upload Authorized Users Inquiry (information in this inquiry is updated at the end of each business day).