An ISO-formatted date will appear in the field list with the letter "L" in the Decimal column.  When entering selection criteria, the date must be enclosed in single quotes and you can enter the date criteria in a number of ways:


  • If you choose to enter the year as a two-digit year only, then you must include leading zeros on both the day and the month.  So '03-15-14' would work but '3-15-14' would not.  For that reason we recommend you make it a habit to enter a 4-digit year for these fields.
  • Also remember that only dates that have been set to the ISO format (with that "L") will work this way.  All other dates in MASTER and other files need to be handled just as they were before.  Refer to online help for more details.  (NOTE: FEP changes for online help will be posted when all CUs have been moved to FEP, by November 2014.)