To order an online credit card for a co-applicant on the loan account, you would complete the following steps:
  1. Launch Tool #12 "Update/Order Online Credit Cards"
  2. Enter the member number and suffix for the Visa loan account 
    If you have the last 4 digits of the primary member's Visa card number, you may enter that instead
  3. Use Enter to continue 
  4. On the next screen you will see a card that has been ordered for your primary member only.  On the lower left corner of the screen, choose Add New Card.
  5. On the Authorized Users screen leave the names of the people who will get a card checked.  Uncheck the names of people who for whom you do not want to order a card.
  • NOTE:  This screen is where you would add any other Authorized Users in the Other Names fields. 
  1. On the next screen is where you would choose emboss settings (such as send PIN mailer, 3 day priority handling, etc.
  • NOTE:  If using the multi-pan feature, change the Social Security Number (SSN) and phone number to that of the person receiving the card.
  1. Choose Continue
  2. On the next screen, leave the names of the people who will receive a card highlighted.
  3. Choose Submit Order at the bottom of the screen.
There is a report available in CU*Spy after end of day processing where you can verify any online credit  cards you have ordered.  The report title is PCTMXX2A.

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