CU*BASE does have several different places where product descriptions can be configured, each used for different purposes.  It's common for the descriptions to be entered the same into each configuration, but there are reasons why they are sometimes slightly different.  For example, if you use the same range of account suffixes across several of your checking account products, your account suffix description might be something general like "Checking" whereas the description entered into the Dividend Applications would be more specific, like "Regular Checking" and "VIP Rewards Checking." 

To help understand which description a member might see in any given situation, we've created a matrix showing all of the places where descriptions can be set up for savings/checking products, certificate products, and loan products, showing which of those descriptions is used in different situations.  The list focuses primarily on places visible to members, or tools that assist MSRs working directly with a member (like Phone Op).  It will not cover every report or screen in CU*BASE where product names are shown.