No.  The way that normal CU*BASE features work is to use the CU*BASE Workstation Configuration settings to determine a default printer for certain functions, or you can choose a printer directly when printing most CU*BASE reports.  But since IBM Query is not a CU*BASE program but rather a generic program offered by IBM, it does not have any way of looking at CU*BASE configs for the info it would need to direct the print job. 

Therefore a Query definition will go to your list of spooled files and you may move it to any printer queue you like, or simply view it from there without printing. 

(For CUs that have been on our system for a long time, they might remember that this was possible in the past. That's because we used a separate IBM workstation configuration that had its own "default" printer and kept both that in CU*BASE settings in synch.  But today the CU*BASE workstation config no longer has just a single default printer, so that method was abandoned as it was impossible to make them match anyway.)