Credit unions can choose to hide the 000 account for select memberships.  This is a business decision that may be elected for special accounts, for example business accounts.  

This feature must first be activated for the credit union in the Master Parameters in the OPER screens.  Then credit unions activate it by using the Membership Designation configuration.  Once activated in the membership designation, the feature will cause the 000 account to be ignored (for accounts of this membership designation) in all member and client-facing channels, unless the account has a balance.  Members will not see this account in online banking, and employees will not see this account in CU*BASE.

The OFAC Tracker is associated with the base share (000) account.  To access the OFAC Tracker in these instances, use a different sub account in Inquiry or Phone Operator and select the "Tracker Review" (F21) button to access the Tracker Review screen.  On this screen enter 000 in the "Account Type" field and press Enter.  You will then view the Trackers for the membership, including the Audit Tracker.