CU*BASE only tracks full loan payments where debt protection and/or insurance is included in the amount owed. In this scenario, you will need to determine what the projected P&I payment would be before you begin completing these forms. This can be done one of two ways:
  • You are able to complete the form before debt protection has been added to the loan in order to have the correct P&I payment default in the Projected Payments section.
  • You could also complete the loan application and determine what the correct P&I is by recording the payment amount from the Processing Details section on the Loan Request Recap screen. Record this value and proceed with adding debt protection/insurance to the loan. Now, go to complete the document and on screen 2 there is a screen field for Principal & Interest under the Projected Payments heading. Enter the previously recorded P&I in this screen field and that is the value that will print in both P&I locations on page 1 of both the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.