Due to the growth of our network, during 2017 we will be changing the naming convention we use for CU*BASE devices (printers and workstations).  We're expanding the number of characters in each device name so that more devices can easily be added as we continue to grow in the future.  This new, 7-digit format will include:
  • The CU ID
  • The Branch Location
  • The Device Type
  • The Sequence Number
What Your Credit Union Needs To Do
CU*Answers will be working with your credit union to prepare for this conversion process.  When a credit union’s device names are changed, every device must be updated at the same time.  This means someone must log in and perform a simple procedure on every one of your CU*BASE workstations.  We will be communicating with your branch staff to ensure that workstation configurations are properly implemented.
For a list of the steps required to implement this new 7-digit format, as well as visual guides for how these changes will display on your workstations, open the instructions:  
The Schedule
We will be converting groups of credit unions each week, starting February 6, and will reach out to your credit union ahead of your scheduled conversion date.  To see when your credit union's branches have been slated, open the schedule:
NOTE:  If your credit union converted to CU*BASE after March of 2013, you are already using the 7-digit naming convention, and there is no need to implement the changes detailed above.