For an additional level of security or to fulfill complex password requirements, members may add special characters to their passwords.  They may also add special characters to their security question answers.  Some members may even use the feature that allows them to create their own security question, and they may elect to include special characters in that as well (for example a question mark).  Allowed special characters are listed below.

Some characters have special significance to certain computer programming languages and are not permitted.  These are noted below as well.
  • NOTE:  Usernames cannot include special characters.  

Allowed special characters:
Exclamation point: !
At sign: @
Pound sign: #
Dollar sign: $
Percent sign: %
And symbol: &
Asterisk: *
Open parenthesis: (
Close parenthesis: )
Percent symbol: %
Accent symbol: `
Tilde symbol: ~
Underline symbol: _
Plus sign: +
Close Curley Brace: }
Open Curley Brace: {
Pipe: |
Colon: :
Semi-colon: ;
Single quote: '
Forward slash: /
Less than symbol: <
Greater than symbol: >
Back slash: \
Period: .
Comma: ,
Dash: -
Special characters that are not allowed
Caret: ^
Left Bracket: [
Right Bracket: ]

Double Quote: