In this example the AFT was set with a payment date control of “2=Make this payment ONLY if a payment is not made another way for their membership.”

On the date of the scheduled AFT, the AFT will look to see if the payment is made on the loan.  If the amount in the From: account is does not satisfy the AFT, the amount paid will go in the partial pay field of the AFT.  (The loan partial pay field is only evaluated the first time the AFT is processed.)  From that point forward, an AFT in this scenario will continue look to fulfill the AFT payment amount by looking in the From: account for the AFT.  However, it will not monitor the loan account (the To: account for the AFT) for any additional  deposits made.  To complete the payment and move the funds from the Partial Pay field of the AFT to the loan account, the member simply needs to place the funds in the From: account and the AFT will correctly fulfill the payment on the loan.